Our mission is to

Catalyze big ideas & foster community engagement that will accelerate transformation of the Durham Public Schools to ensure success and equity for every student.

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DPSF Annual Report & Strategic Plan, 2018-19


Our Values

We believe…

  • All children can succeed at the highest levels.

  • Students’ and families’ voices matter and they know what they need from schools in order to thrive.

  • Professional educators deserve support.

  • Public schools can lead in dismantling systemic racism when they address current and historic systems of inequality.

  • Public schools are crucial to a growing Durham with shared prosperity.

  • Impact is sustainable when we continuously learn and collect evidence for what works.

Our Priorities

Foster Equity through Innovation

Our vision... students, educators, families and community leaders come together to create innovative, transformative learning environments that ensure all our students not only attend school together but thrive together.

Our role

  • Help to develop and incubate innovative ideas to meet students’ needs, especially students of color.

  • Foster collaboration between students, educators and businesses and community leaders to bring new ideas, tools and resources to schools.

  • Support DPS and schools in implementing transformative frameworks for culturally responsive schools that drive equitable outcomes.

Invest in Our People

Our vision... our students are empowered to drive meaningful changes that address challenges they identify in their schools. Great educators choose to work and stay in DPS because they feel valued as professionals and are provided meaningful support to grow and innovate.

Our role

  • Listen to and invest in needs identified by DPS students, families and educators

  • Provide unique professional growth opportunities and support that cultivate educators' big ideas, advance their professional goals and respond to the most critical challenges facing DPS students.

  • Celebrate and empower DPS educators, students and families.

Champion Public Education

Our vision
... the Durham community supports and celebrates our public schools. Durham’s public schools reflect the racial and socioeconomic diversity of Durham and embody culture and practices that equitably serve every student.

Our role

  • Listen to and invest in needs identified by DPS students, families and educators.

  • Provide unique professional growth opportunities and support that cultivate educators' big ideas, advance their professional goals and respond to the most critical challenges facing DPS students.

  • Celebrate and empower DPS educators, students and families.