We can accelerate the transformation of our Durham Public Schools for success and equity for every student.


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We believe the success of Durham is linked to the success of Durham Public Schools.

For Durham to reach its full potential, we must have public schools where all students can thrive. We know this is possible - the students, educators and families of Durham Public Schools have the power to transform our schools and fulfill the promise of public education.

The best thing you can do for Durham
is support Durham Public Schools.
Send your kids to Durham Public Schools.
Our children need to go to school together.
— Steve Schewel / Durham Mayor


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Become a public school champion by supporting the DPS Foundation.

Our 33,000+ students will one day be starting new businesses, serving in elected office and laying the foundation for Durham’s future. Whether you’re an employer, neighbor, educator, or parent, you can commit to Durham’s future by investing in our Durham Public Schools.